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Jéan Restaurant

Not only a restaurant, but a destination where we enjoy sharing Mother Nature’s seasonal cycles, as well as our stories with you. Our restaurant is beautifully positioned amongst the tranquil vineyards and offers a seasonal a la carte menu with uncomplicated, honest dishes that pays homage to the Klein Roosboom family roots.

Farm fresh cuisine

Food is an expression of love, and therefore we create dishes from our heart. We believe in using only the best lovproduce available and keeping it as true to its own nature as possible. Food that is not overly pretentious with schmears and foams but beautiful food with attitude. Our food style is contemporary with familiar South African flavours, ample textures, and seasonal colours.
Please note that due to the use of seasonal ingredients, our menu is subject to change.

Meet the chef

Chef Lorianne Heyns takes an uncomplicated approach to food, delicately balancing flavours. Hers is the type of food you can eat every day of the week, but still feel as though you’re experiencing something special. Lorianne’s food philosophy is to keep it simple, creative, seasonal and true to the ingredients.
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