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Year after year, I watched at close range… every month, every week, every day I witnessed it… From daybreak when the sun hides the stars until dusk…

Winter, summer, autumn and spring – our viticulturist, Jéan de Villiers, stays committed. He walks amongst his vineyards when they are green and abundant with promise. He is there when the leaves discolour, shrivel up and fall… He skilfully entwines his respect and admiration for this godly mystery with his knowledge and insight into the vines… He uses the daily change that nature surprises him with and waits – He, the willing slave of his love, his muse: The Vine.

Such passion HAD to be bottled!

That is exactly what we did, and today Klein Roosboom stands guard at the coastal entrance to the Durbanville Wine Valley. The fresh Atlantic Breeze is our partner, as the crisp, cool air preserves the most delicate flavours of our grapes, ensuring Award Winning Boutique Wines of exceptional quality.

Our Tasting Room is open from Tuesday to Sunday – where we serve delectable Cheese & Charcuterie Platters and love to chat about the farm, our Wine Valley and our wines with our customers.

Join us and get a taste of our unique terroir, feel the delicate sea breeze and share our endless passion!

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